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For three generations, the Mallios family has been involved in approximately 350,000 square feet of improved property in the Washington DC metropolitan area valued at approximately $50 million dollars. We specialize in retail property including shopping centers, urban storefronts, restaurants and commercial land. We are actively pursuing Washington DC area properties and seeking investors for these new acquisitions.

All new acquisitions are controlled by Peter Mallios. We have over 100 investors in different properties of the portfolio. All current properties are owned under separate entities, so each property is owned by different partners and investors. Each new property is purchased through a new Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) formed specifically for that deal. This allows us to offer individuals the opportunity of investing in acquisitions by forming new partnerships for each property. We will also structure investments as Tenancy In Common (TIC) if an investor is in a position to take advantage of a 1031 Tax Free Exchange We have also created a fund for acquisition of smaller properties.

The managing partner of all newly acquired investments is Peter Mallios. Mr. Mallios has been involved in the retail real estate business in the leasing, sales and ownership of retail and commercial real estate in the Washington DC metro area since 1985. The managing partner shall be responsible for putting the deal together including executing a sales contract and posting the earnest money deposit, securing investors for the project, leasing the project, personally guaranteeing the first trust and other financing, supervising the management company, contributing any cash deficiency at the initial offering and making loans to the partnership from time to time if necessary. Peter Mallios shall be the controlling managing partner of each new LLC, and additional principals may own a portion of the managing partner portion of the LLC.

Investor partners receive a favorable return based on their equity investment. Each acquisition offers investors different returns depending on the various factors of the deal as well as the market conditions.

For information on our current investment opportunities please visit the Current Opportunity section of this web site.
The preferred return rate varies depending on several factors but generally a larger, more stable property or a property in an area with higher historic appreciation will offer a lower rate. The final return will vary on every property but generally we expect investor returns at the preferred return on each property during the first year and to increase annually as the rents increase.
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